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  • Complete "Reed valve" Slave Motor Casing
  • Complete "Reed valve" Slave Motor Casing
  • Complete "Reed valve" Slave Motor Casing

Complete Engine Crankcase Slave MEGA 8X "Reed valve"


200 Pinasco MEGA 8x Reed valve Carter, complete with 34mm diameter manifold in Gold anodized aluminum full CNC with MEGA 8X reed valve pack.

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How many times have you been stranded with your Vespa due to the clutch side oil seal? How many times have you raised your hands in surrender due to the oil seal slipping out of its seat? How many times have you ruined the bearing housing due to the extremely hard clutch springs and engine performance?

Pinasco , always looking for solutions to the most common problems of tuned Vespas, proposes a solution to this problem by updating the clutch bench of its crankcase with the new 2.0 model.

Complete reed pack diameter 34mm in Gold anodized aluminum with MEGA 8X reed pack made entirely by numerical control machines, it is mounted on all Pinasco Vespa Large Slave casings, in the 2.0 model there are no changes to be made, it mounts 34mm PWK carburetors. The Kit guarantees an increase in power by approximately 2-3CV compared to the Standard Reed Crankcase.

Thanks to the new fixing system by means of 3 steel plates, the specific Pinasco oil seal is blocked between the crankcase and the main bearing without having the possibility of coming out of its seat, the plates guarantee a perfect adjustment of the bearing, eliminating the play that often form between seeger and bearing, the safety clips guarantee total locking of the whole system.

The new bearing seat has been further strengthened with the addition of 3 new ribs that guarantee the support and sealing of the whole engine bench, 2 reinforcement ribs have been added on the axis of the cluster.

The crank chamber is bored to accommodate the crankshafts with oversized shoulders.

The molding of the crankcase with the die-casting technique guarantees a resistance and a higher lightness than the production carried out in gravity, qualities extremely appreciated in the racing world and the shape almost identical to the original does not change the aesthetics of your vehicle.

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