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Airbox Filter For Hi-Si-Bravo-Boxer-Grillo Moped


Airbox filter for all Piaggio Mopeds, larger filtering surface, internal flow guide, rounded fitting on the carburettor profile, possibility to disassemble and overhaul it whenever necessary.

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Pinasco has created an oversized filter to increase the volume of air drawn into the carburetor for Piaggio mopeds in order to increase engine performance, especially at low revs.

In the elaborations, the increase in the displacement and the dimensions of the carburetors reduces the efficiency of the intake system due to a limited volume of air which is often not sufficient to feed the engine, Pinasco Airbox Moped, on the other hand, thanks to the increase in filtering surface, allows the engine to "breathe" and "respond" effectively to the continuous opening of the gas valve.

the internal bulkheads and the rounded edges around the carburetor convey the air and optimize the flow inside the venturi duct, care and time have been given to the study of fluid dynamics, Pinasco Airbox is mounted only on SHA carburettors.

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