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Power Clutch 6 FORGED Springs


Complete clutch Power Clutch Forged 6 Springs specific for Vespa Old with specific spacer, mounts Vespa PX gears.

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The Pinasco Power Clutch kit collects all the Pinasco components dedicated to the Vespa Large Frame clutches in a single and complete kit that is 100% interchangeable with the original. The Pinasco Power Clutch kit includes the reinforced Spring Force springs with perforated cups, the special Clutch Slider bearing and the Ring Clutch clutch basket, in addition specific cork discs are added to provide a complete product ready to be easily installed. The Pinasco Power Clutch kit is available for all Vespas produced since 1960 with 6 and 7 spring clutches and is recommended for all users with Vespas equipped with 177, 215 and 225cc engines. Applications: Vespa GL 150, Vespa GT 125, Vespa GTR 125 Prima Serie, Vespa SUPER 125, Vespa SUPER 150, Vespa TS 125, Vespa PX 125, Vespa PX 150, Vespa PX 80, Vespa VBB 150, Vespa VNB 125, Vespa Cosa 125, Vespa Cosa 150, Vespa SPRINT 150, Vespa SPRINT V. 150 First Series, Star 125 2T, Star 150 2T, Vespa GTR 125 Second Series, Vespa SPRINT V. 150 Second Series, Vespa Old Elaborazione Turismo, Vespa Old Elaborazione Racing, Vespa PX 125/150 Tourism processing.

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