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Tuv 2.10 X 10 Tubeless Disassemblable Rim Painted Black
  • Tuv 2.10 X 10 Tubeless Disassemblable Rim Painted Black

Tuv 2.10 X 10 Tubeless Dismountable Rim Painted Black

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Detachable tubeless light alloy wheel rim, ie with the possibility of being opened for tire replacement, for all Vespa with 10 ”wheels. The Pinasco decomposable tubeless rim has a 2.10 channel perfectly centered on the Vespa frame in order to maintain maximum stability on both the Large and Small frame Vespa.

The peculiarity of the Pinasco Tubeless system is that of having a completely reversible rim, in fact, the valve position has been maintained in the same point as the original rim, in the event of a puncture or breakage of the tire it is possible to insert an inner tube standard for Vespa without having to make any changes.

The decomposable Pinasco tubeless rim has been designed to ensure maximum structural rigidity in all driving conditions, the shoulders have been reinforced to be able to obtain a groove inside for the sealing OR. The anti-bead breaking is obtained by mechanical processing, all surfaces are perfectly rounded to facilitate tire mounting without special accessories.


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