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Flytech ignition 20-kg cone. 1.45
  • Flytech ignition 20-kg cone. 1.45

Flytech ignition 20-kg cone. 1,4 for Vespa PX PE WHAT

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The PINASCO FLYTECH variable advance ignition is the result of countless researches and developments aimed at creating a product of the highest quality that is reliable and long-lasting over time. The PINASCO FLYTECH flywheel was made with different weights for all Vespa VNB-GT-LML-COSA-SPRINT-PX-GS-FARO BASSO models. The weights of the flywheels are 0.9kg, 1.1kg, 1.4kg, 1.6kg and 1.8kg, with the addition of the Pinasco fan machined from solid it is possible to increase the weight by another 0.2kg. FEATURES: - The super light rotor has an internal steel bulkhead that protects the magnets and stator in case of crankshaft breakage. - The weights machined from solid, not from a tube, are perfectly balanced and galvanized. - The flywheel cones, machined from solid, are designed for the use of the original Piaggio extractors to simplify disassembly, the surface is nickel-plated to resist atmospheric agents and corrosion, keeping the internal thread always in perfect condition. - The nylon cooling fan has an increased profile of the fins to cool the thermal unit more even in the most severe conditions, increasing the air flow by 20%. - The stator support is in die-cast aluminum with a graduated scale that allows even less experienced enthusiasts to perfectly adjust the ignition. Applications: Vespa TS 125, Vespa PE 200, Vespa PX 125, Vespa PX 125 euro 1, Vespa PX 125 euro 2, Vespa PX 125 euro 3, Vespa PX 150, Vespa PX 150 euro 1, Vespa PX 150 euro 2, Vespa PX 150 euro 3, Vespa PX 200, Vespa PX 80, Vespa Cosa 125, Vespa Cosa 150, Vespa Cosa 200, Star 125 2T, Star 150 2T, Vespa PX 125/150 Racing processing.

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