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VRX 20 carburettor
  • VRX 20 carburettor

SI 20-20 VRX carburettor

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The Pinasco VRX-R carburetor, with recalculated and billet intake horn, was created to optimize the performance of the Vespa SI Pinasco carburetor. The Venturi horn has been calculated to increase the volume of air sucked in by the carburetor; the increase in performance is noticeable from low revs. Pinasco recommends mounting the VRX-R carburetor together with the Pinasco . Applications: Vespa GL 150, Vespa GT 125, Vespa GTR 125 First Series, Vespa SUPER 125, Vespa SUPER 150, Vespa TS 125, Vespa PX 125, Vespa PX 125 euro 1, Vespa PX 125 euro 2, Vespa PX 125 euro 3, Vespa PX 150, Vespa PX 150 euro 1, Vespa PX 150 euro 2, Vespa PX 150 euro 3, Vespa PX 80, Vespa VBB 150, Vespa VNB 125, Vespa RALLY 180, Vespa SPRINT 150, Vespa SPRINT V. 150 First Series, Star 125 2T, Star 150 2T, Vespa GTR 125 Second Series, Vespa SPRINT V. 150 Second Series.
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