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Carburetor 26-26 Gr
  • Carburetor 26-26 Gr

SI 26-26 GR carburetor

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The special series of Pinasco “R” carburettors was developed for the racing world and for the most demanding tuners. The modifications made to the Pinasco “R” carburetors increase the performance of the carburetor and allow a more efficient and precise carburetion. All Pinasco carburettors marked with the letter "R" have internal CNC machined fuel passages which guarantee optimal fuel flow and eliminate the "empty fuel" effect, even the floating lid is entirely machined in the passages ensuring perfect filling of the fuel. tray. In the SI 26/26 “R” series the “Venturi” has been further machined to increase the nominal diameter and obtain the maximum size of 26.00mm instead of the 25.40mm size of the economic version. As far as the SI series is concerned, the “R” carburettor represents the TOP of the range and a Pinasco exclusive. Applications: Vespa T5 125.
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