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PowerSound muffler
  • PowerSound muffler

Power Sound muffler

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Entirely handmade with the best materials and with great attention to the finish, they are without internal silencing bulkheads to provide very high performance at both low and high revs. An accurate study of the silencer made it possible to contain the noise emissions within extremely low values.


Gulliver 50, Gulliver 50 LC, Rally 50, Rally 50 LC, Scarabeo 50 2T, Sonic 50, Sonic 50 LC, SR 50-1994, SR 50 Netscaper LC, SR 50 Racing LC, SR 50 Replica LC, SR 50 Stealth LC, SR 50 WWW, 491 Gt, 491 Sport LC, K2 50, K2 50 LC, Naked 50, Ark 50, Ark 50 LC, Chrono, Quadra, Ax, Gz, F10, F12 Digit Kat 50 LC, F12 Digit Kat 50 LC Euro 2, F12 Phantom 50, F12 Phantom 50 LC, F12 R LC Euro 2, F15 Firefox LC, Yesterday, Evolis, Fizz, Flipper, Forte, Hot Champ, Ovetto 50, Sorriso 50 2T 1996, Axis 50 2T, Breeze 50 2T, Jog 50, Jog 50 ER, Jog 50 R, Jog 50 Z, Neo's 50 2T, Zest 50 2T.

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