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Overslide variator
  • Overslide variator

Overslide variator

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The result of the refined Pinasco technology, these variators allow to increase the overall excursion compared to the standard components, considerably improving the functionality and performance of the scooters. The kit combined with the Spring Slider axial bearing that eliminates the damaging torsion of the spring during the variator's excursion, improving performance and smooth running. B-LOCK the exclusive mounting system of the variator hub sliding bushing, mainly on variators for maxi scooters, carried out without any kind of deformation of the same. With the use of this technology, in addition to having a perfect coupling without the risk of breaking or leaking, the bushing maintains its initial dimensions, guaranteeing constant performance in hot conditions and in intensive use, ensuring a duration over time even greater than that of the original variators. Applications: @ 125, @ 150, Dylan 125, Dylan 150, Pantheon 125 4T ie, Pantheon 150 4T ie, PS 125 ie, PS 150 ie, SH 125, SH 125 ie, SH 125 ie 2009, SH 150, SH 150 ie , SH 150 ie 2009, Silver Wing 125 Euro 3, Silver Wing 150 Euro 3, Logik 125 Euro 3, Outlook 125 4T, Outlook 150 4T.

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