Reference: PN10412086

Brand: Pinasco

Pinasco spring sliders for Yamaha Tmax

Exclusive device, covered by an international patent, consisting of an ultra-flat axial bearing combined with a specific contrast spring: by isolating the contrast spring from the torsion of the driven pulleys, it extends the life of the spring, significantly improving performance and reliability

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Thermal Group Diam. 47 Aluminum

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Made of aluminum with galvanic coating, they are characterized by a distribution diagram and a shape of the lights such as to guarantee an ideal compromise between torque and maximum power delivered. The heads were developed for the use of unleaded petrol. The pistons are two-segmented for total reliability.

Spare parts

Code N. Segments Complete Piston Segment Segments Series Head Gaskets Series
10059903 47 10121193 - 10173502 10241028 10332003
Applications: Gulliver 50, Rally 50, Scarabeo 50 2T, Sonic 50, SR 50-1994, SR 50 WWW, Carosello 50, 491 Gt, K2 50, Pepe 50, Ark 50, Chrono, Quadra, Tempo, Ax, Gz, Hussar Oliver Popcorn 2002, Helix 50 DL603, T REX 50, Viper RXL 50, Quasar 50, Centro 50 2T, Ciak 50, F10, F12 Phantom 50, Yesterday, Evolis, Fizz, Flipper, Forte, Hot Champ, Mach G 50, Ovetto 50, Sorriso 50 2T 1996, Big Max 50 2T, Axis 50 2T, Breeze 50 2T, Jog 50, Jog 50 ER, Jog 50 R, Jog 50 Z, Neo's 50 2T, Vino 50 2T, Why 50 2T, Zest 50 2T .
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